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Our Projects

Eid UL Adha Qurbani

Help the flood victims and needy people of Pakistan.

Do your Eid ul Adha Qurbani in Pakistan

Goat - $125
Cow - $500
Cow (1 Share) - $80

Share your Eid blessings with the needy people of Pakistan.

May Allah accept your Qurbani (Ameen).

Please pay online or call for payment arrangements.

Deadline: 7 days prior to Eid day.

Eid Gift Bags

By the grace of Allah, we donated 250 Eid Gift Packs for 250 flood affected families. Each gift pack contained;

* 2 kg rice
* 1 kg sugar
* 2 packets Slanty snack
* 1liter milk
* 10 candies
* 10 lollipops for kids.

The contribution was done by our donors and made through Edhi Trust. May Allah give reward to all those who contributed and get these families out of trouble at the earliest.

MyPehlaQadam Feeding Milk

Literally millions have lost everything and have no way to feed their families. Mypehlaqadam has regular and seasonal projects which feed the poor in the flood affected regions.

The First Project was to provide pure Milk. Mypehlaqadam arranged 70-bags of milk and each bag contain 27-packs. It was the contribution of our organization's workers. The milk-bags were submitted to Pakistan army camp so that bags could reach to the desired people.

Now we are trying to continue it and ofcourse your contribution will lead our mission to success.
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