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Our Programs

We are in process of developing several programs which will help needy people in Pakistan and other countries.

Few of the programs are as follows.

1)Help Flood victims of Pakistan

2) Help Different Reputable Organizations in Pakistan like

Edhi Trust and other by funds we will collect.

3) Charity program. People can send their zakat, Sadaqa money to us and we will give it to people who are really in need.  We have very good and trusted friends in pakistan to interview people who are really in need and will let us know who really need the most help.

4)Qurbani services in many cities of Pakistan. We can do your Qurbani in many cities of Pakistan and all meat will go to Poor people.

Help the flood victims and needy people of Pakistan.
    Do your Eid ul Adha Qurbani in Pakistan
Goat - $125
Cow - $500
Cow (1 Share) - $80 
Share your Eid blessings with the needy people of Pakistan.
May Allah accept your Qurbani (Ameen).
Please pay online or call for payment arrangements.
Deadline: 7 days prior to Eid day.

5) Micro Finance Program.

We give small loan or funds to people who really want to do some small busines but have no funds. Our friends in Pakistan will find the best matching people this and we will help them start their small business to help their family.

Once their business will grow then we will ask them loan same amount of money to a new candidate so this process continue and poeple can stand on their own feet, instead of asking help and money every month.

Our goal is to help them long term so they can support their own families and communities.

6) HelP people with differnt health problems like Cancer or Sugar or heart problems. We try to help them in pakistan for their treatments.

6)IT Incubator (Provide IT Training and help them find better job.

We hire college students who are going to different colleges. we find the best talents and provide them job opportunity.

Once they get good experience complete their degree then we help them find a better job in Pakistan and overseas.

We have so far many of our team members who grow learn good skills while working with us and then they find lot better jobs in pakistan and overseas.

We have many examples and we have most talented members in our team some are still working with us and some are working for bigger companies in Paksitan or overseas.

we are also working on several other new programs which we will announce soon.


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